Keep abreast of UKGC AML-related updates during June 2021

In addition to publishing information regarding:

the Gambling Commission has, during June 2021, published the following notices and updates from its AML Team.

1. New UKFIU ‘SARs in Action’ publication: 16 June 2021

The UK Financial Intelligence Agency (UKFIU) has published its eleventh ‘SARs in Action’ Magazine (PDF opens in new tab).

This edition includes details of:

  • a UKFIU podcast from the National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) Director General Graeme Biggar on the work of the UKFIU and the value of suspicious activity reports (SARs) in tackling all criminality (including details of previous podcasts such as, ‘SARs FAQ’
  • the CPS on their new money laundering offences guidance
  • the New SARs Programme Director on the latest with SARs Reform (including information on the changes to the SARs online portal).
  • the Law Society on their use of SARs and some of the complexities faced by the sector.

2. What gambling operators should do if they find dye-stained bank notes: 29 June 2021

Where operators find dye-stained bank notes on their premises, they should use non-emergency contact options to report the deposits to the relevant local police force. Police officers may wish to make enquiries, including the securing of any CCTV footage.

Operators must also submit suspicious activity reports (SARs) to the United Kingdom’s Financial Intelligence Unit (UKFIU), which is part of the National Crime Agency (NCA), in all cases where they have knowledge or suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing in relation to any dye-stained bank notes they detect.

3. New UKFIU podcast: Fraud-Vulnerable Persons SARs: 29 June 2021

new podcast (opens in new tab) from the United Kingdom’s Financial Intelligence Unit (UKFIU) looks at how suspicious activity reports (SARs) are also a valuable source of financial information for safeguarding potentially vulnerable members of society from fraud. The podcast involves contributions from the UKFIU, reporters and law enforcement and looks at:

  • How the UKFIU identifies and disseminates such information to police forces
  • The value of such fast-tracked SARs
  • The types of criminality being found in relation to vulnerable persons
  • The measures LEAs and reporters put in place to safeguard members of their communities

The podcast is also available from other streaming sites such as, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Podtail and Amazon Music.