Lived Experience Advisory Group supersedes interim Experts by Experiences Group

We reported in June 2020 on creation by the Gambling Commission of an interim Experts by Experience Group recruited by the Commission to provide it with expert independent advice based on its members’ personal lived experience of gambling harms.

The following month, comments by David Clifton featured in an article for Vixio (formerly Gambling Compliance) by Scott Longley, entitled “Gambling Commission Questioned Over Experts By Experience Panel”. That article article focused on criticisms levelled against the Commission for a lack of transparency after it failed to answer a series of questions on the make-up of the Experts by Experience panel.

The Commission has announced today (3 February 2021) the appointment of a Lived Experience Advisory Panel that will advance further the player safety work undertaken to date by the interim Experts by Experience Group.

Today’s announcement by the Commission reads as follows:

The panel will continue the work of the interim Experts by Experience group, which was formed last year by providing advice, evidence and recommendations to the Commission to inform decision-making and raise standards.

The panel’s first meeting took place this week and consists of people with a wide-range of lived experience of gambling harms, including people affected by someone else’s gambling, with the joint aim of collaborating to make gambling safer.

The Lived Experience Advisory Panel will be working with the Commission to advise on a wide range of policy development initiatives, including providing input to work to inform the Gambling Act Review.

Gambling Commission Chief Executive, Neil McArthur said:

“The establishment of this group is a great step forward for us in our work in making gambling safer and building our understanding of harm and its impacts. As already proven by the input of the Interim Group, the views and perspectives of Lived Experience in our decision making is invaluable and is already having a positive impact in our work in addressing gambling related harm.

Lived Experience feedback in our policy work has already led to progress through input to consultations on game design and customer interaction and affordability and strengthened online advertising rules.”

Gambling Commission Chair, William Moyes said:

“I welcome today’s announcement of the permanent Lived Experience Advisory Panel, which is a positive step towards better understanding harms caused by gambling. By collaborating with those with lived experience, friends, families and communities we can make faster progress to reduce gambling harms.”

A spokesperson on behalf of the Lived Experience Advisory Panel said:

“We are pleased that the Gambling Commission has recognised the importance of listening to people who have been harmed by gambling and welcome their real commitment to ensuring that this can happen.

The creation of this group creates a real opportunity for the voice of those with lived experience to support and influence the work of the Gambling Commission. We are a diverse group of people and bring a wide range skills and personal experience of gambling harm. We take this role seriously and look forward to working together as a group to make progress in tackling gambling harm.”

The Lived Experience Advisory Panel will join the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling and the Digital Advisory Panel as a formal group who advise the regulator.

The Commission is committed to ensuring that a wider range of consumer views are taken into account when making decisions. Although the group does not reflect all gamblers, their valuable input will add to other approaches currently used to include the views of consumers in decision making. This includes information and feedback received from the consumer contact centre, online consumer research panels and engagement and consultations on regulatory changes.

You can download below:

Applicants to join the Lived Experience Advisory Panel were informed that if their application was successful, they would be asked to “understand that the Gambling Commission, in the interest of transparency, will need to publish the names of panel members”. 

The names of those panel members can be:

  • found on the Commission’s website here and
  • downloaded below.