Loot boxes in video games and bingo in retirement & care homes

What do (a) loot boxes in video games and (b) bingo in retirement and care homes have in common? They are both the subject of Gaming Commission website postings in the last couple of days.

Loot boxes: In a new posting headed “Loot boxes within video games” (that can be downloaded below), the Gambling Commission has confirmed the views expressed by David Clifton when he was quoted in a recent Gambling Compliance article entitled “Fresh Loot Box Controversy Sparks Regulator Investigations”.

Bingo: Following media publicity (including, for example in the Daily Telegraph) concerning the playing of bingo in retirement and care homes, the Gambling Commission has confirmed in a website posting headed “Eyes down… how to play bingo in a retirement home” (also downloadable below) that providing bingo, or other forms of gaming, does not require a licence or permit if it meets the requirements of private gaming.

Download article PDF: GC Loot boxes within video games