Matchbook operating licence subjected to review and suspension

The Gambling Commission has today published on its website an Information Notice in which it announces that it has undertaken a review of the operating licence held by Triplebet Limited t/a Matchbook and, arising from that review, has suspended its licence.

The full announcement reads as follows:

Information notice

The Gambling Commission has undertaken a Licence review under s116 of the Gambling Act 2005 (“the Act”) into Triplebet Limited t/a Matchbook (operating licence no 039504-R-319407-011).

Pursuant to section 118(2) of the Act, the Commission has determined to suspend the above operating licence insofar as it pertains to the operator’s ability to offer remote facilities for pool betting, betting intermediary and to operate a remote casino.

The suspension of Triplebet Limited takes effect immediately.

We have instructed the operator that it may continue to settle any open positions on bets which have been placed prior to the suspension coming into force and facilitate customers’ accessing their accounts to withdraw funds.

If a customer has questions concerning their account we advise they contact the operator by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0203 642 6867.

The Gambling Commission has the power to suspend a licence on deciding to conduct a review or during a review if it suspects that:

  • a licensed activity is being or has been carried on in a manner which is inconsistent with the licensing objectives,
  • a condition of the licence has been breached,
  • a licensee has failed to cooperate with a review, or
  • the licensee is unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities.

For its part, Matchbook has tweeted that: “The temporary suspension of our UK license poses no threat to customer funds, which have been, are and will remain safe for all of our customers. Customers are able to freely withdraw their funds now and will continue to be able to do so throughout the duration of the suspension”.