New version of the LCCP to take effect from 4 April 2018

The Gambling Commission has published a new version of its Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (“LCCP”) that will come into effect from 4 April 2018 and includes changes relating to society lotteries and information requirements which were consulted on during 2017, as well as some minor clarification of the application of some of its requirements. This new version of the LCCP can be downloaded below.

The following LCCP changes are set out in a summary of key changes (that can be downloaded below):

Licence conditions (arising from the regulatory data consultation, as we have previously reported)

  • Suspicious activity reports and key events (applicable to all operators)
    • LC 15.2.1 24 is amended to remove the requirement to report on the number of SARs from regulatory returns, and as explained in the response document will instead collect information on discontinued relationships through key events. This change to LCCP introduces the requirement to report discontinued relationships alongside information on suspicious activity reports as key events.
  • Game faults and key events (applicable to all operators)
    • LC 15.2.1 25b is amended to remove the requirement to submit information about a gambling payment RTP fault from the regulatory returns. This change to LCCP now requires information about game faults which result in over or underpayment to customers to be reported as a key event.
  • Operator group revenues derived from other jurisdictions (applicable to all operators)
    • LC 15.2.2 is amended to widen the existing requirement to report group advertising to a new jurisdiction, to include a new requirement to report where there has been sustained/meaningful generation of the 3% / 10% threshold being passed for the wider group. The reporting of this could be done by any group company holding a Commission licence

Social Responsibility Code provisions (arising from the consultation on new codes for society and local authority lottery operators, as well as external lottery managers, to improve transparency for players, as we have previously reported)

  • Low frequency lotteries (applicable to all remote lotteries)
    • SR 3.2.13 is amended, in order to update the definition of ‘low frequency lottery’, that already appeared in this code provision, to make clear that it includes those lotteries offered by local authorities.
  • Publication of lottery proceeds (applicable to all lotteries)
    • SR 4.3.1 is a new provision, adding a new social responsibility code provision to require operators to publish the proportion of lottery proceeds returned to the purposes of the society or local authority
  • Branded lotteries (applicable to all lotteries)
    • SR 4.3.2 is a new provision, adding a new social responsibility code provision, based on the principles of the Gambling Commission’s advice note ‘Promoting multiple society lotteries’, requiring operators to make clear to consumers which society lottery they are participating in or being asked to participate in.
Download article PDF: GC LCCP wef April 2018