No-Deal Brexit Briefing Note published for hospitality & tourism sectors

UKHospitality has joined forces with the Tourism Alliance to publish a “No-Deal Brexit briefing note” for the hospitality and tourism sectors (that you can download below).

It contains Brexit-related guidance in the following respects:

  1. Introduction
  2. Economic impact
  3. Workforce
    • Current EU nationals employed
    • Future recruitment
    • Mitigating actions
  4. Supply chains
    • Trade Agreement Continuity programme
    • Tariffs
    • Non-tariff barriers
    • Economic Operator and Registration Identification Numbers
    • Mitigating actions
  5. Food labelling
    • Mitigating actions
  6. Currency in a no deal Brexit scenario
    • Mitigating actions
  7. Data protection and GDPR
    • Companies receiving and exchanging data with Europe
    • UK businesses and organisations with a European presence or European customers
  8. Tourism in the event of no deal
    • Mitigating actions
  9. Annex 1: Economic summary
  10. Other resources that members may find useful
  11. No Deal Brexit Q&A
    • Transport
    • Visas and Passports
    • Drivers licence and vehicle insurance
    • Travel insurance
    • Roaming charges
    • Duty free goods and customs charges
    • Carrying banned goods
    • Passports for pets
    • Travelling in Kent
    • Customer protection and compensation

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality and chair of the Tourism Alliance, is reported as saying:

We are now less than three weeks from the scheduled withdrawal from the EU and, as it stands, we are leaving without a deal. Much can change in the coming days and weeks but it is absolutely vital that businesses leave nothing to chance and prepare as comprehensively as possible. Our guidance is being made available to all our members and non-members, to make sure that everybody is up to speed and prepared for Brexit.