No surprises from UKGC’s review of online gambling

In an article for SBC News on the Gambling Commission’s “Online Gambling Review”, David Clifton suggests that it can have come as no surprise that, after all that has happened in recent months, the Commission has announced proposals designed to provide greater protections for children, reduce problem gambling risks to vulnerable customers and act on its long-held perception that operators have not been doing enough to properly know their customers and to intervene at an earlier stage before consumers experience harm.

However, despite the picture that SBC News have used to accompany David’s article, “no surprise” does not mean “no cause for alarm”, particularly given that the Commission has give  notice that it is considering whether gambling on credit should continue to be permitted, for example.

As we have already pointed out, the Commission’s proposals should act as a spur to operators to respond to its current consultation on proposed changes to the LCCP linked to the fair and open licensing objective, on which we have reported here. The deadline for responding to that consultation is 22 April 2018.