What’s our experience?

Please note from our website posting here that the business of Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited closed with effect from 30 September 2022


David Clifton and Suzanne Davies started working together in 1997 and they bring to the company the benefit of their combined 60 years’ experience specialising in providing professional services to the leisure, hospitality and gambling industries. They have been independently described as:

David Clifton:

“fantastically dedicated and client-oriented”, “hugely knowledgeable and skilled”, “a genuine expert in the field and an impressive advocate”

Suzanne Davies:

“highly impressive”, “a forthright and feisty advocate”, “extremely conscientious and gives 100% for her clients, with a profound knowledge of the industry”

Insofar as their co-directors are concerned, Jacqueline Davies has held prominent positions in the hotel management industry and Jamie Clifton holds a prominent position in the media industry, with the consequence that clients of Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited are able to draw on their experience and contacts when necessary.

Please note that Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited is not a law firm and is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  As such, you would not be able to raise a complaint with the Legal Ombudsman in the same way that a client of a solicitor can. However, as confirmed in our terms of business, should you have any complaint and/or dissatisfaction in relation to our conduct or to our services, we will investigate that fully and promptly.