Could positive regulatory change be on the cards for the UK’s land-based casino sector?

In a ‘UK Review’ article for the January 2021 edition of CasinoReview, entitled “Could cashless and positive regulatory change be on the cards?” (that you can download below), David Clifton discusses the UK government’s Review of the Gambling Act 2005, noting that “time is well overdue” for a reassessment of the large and small casino experiment introduced by the Gambling Act 2005.

David’s comments focus on the following questions applicable to land-based casinos posed in the government’s Call for Evidence published on 8 December 2020:

    • Q40: What evidence is there on potential benefits or harms of permitting cashless payment for land based gambling?
    • Q41: Is there evidence that changes to machine allocations and/ or machine to table ratios in casinos to allow them to have more machines would support the government’s objectives
    • Q42: What is the evidence that the new types of casino created by the 2005 Act meet (or could meet) their objectives for the sector; supporting economic regeneration, tourism and growth while reducing risks of harm?

The first of the questions listed above followed the BGC’s call earlier this year for what it called an “easy and minor amendment to Section 81 of the Gambling Act 2005” that would let high-end London casinos replace “outdated cheque transactions” with a fully regulated funds advance facility.