Regulatory returns guidance published

As a result of the Gambling Commission’s Regulatory Data consultation (in November 2016), it has now published guidance on regulatory returns due to be submitted from April 2018.

The relevant guidance can be accessed by following the appropriate link below:

The frequency with which regulatory returns need to be made (via the Commission’s online regulatory returns system) depends on the type of gambling business conducted, as indicated in the below table taken from the Commission’s website:

Annual returns are required for:
Adult gaming centre Must be submitted within 42 days after the end of the annual period


You may choose to complete regulatory returns according to your business year


All other non-remote betting
Betting intermediary
External lottery manager
Family entertainment centre
Gambling software
Gaming machine software manufacturers
Gaming machine suppliers
General betting standard (less than 50 premises)
Remote betting telephone only
Society lottery
Quarterly returns are required for: 
Casino Must be submitted within 28 days after the end of the quarterly period
General betting standard (more than 50 premises)
Remote betting
Remote bingo
Remote casino
Remote casino, betting and bingo (RCBB)

It must be borne in mind that late return of regulatory returns can result in a fine.

We reported previously on publication by the Commission of both parts of its response for the regulatory data consultation.