Resolver in effect from 1 August to manage consumers’ gambling complaints

The Gambling Commission has announced that, with effect from 1 August 2017, gambling consumers will be able to use Resolver, the online support tool, to make complaints related to gambling. The Commission states that:

  • Resolver is a free, independent tool for consumers. It provides information about the issue the consumer wants to complain about, and support to help the consumer write emails and letters of complaint.
  • Resolver is not an intermediary, and doesn’t act on the consumer’s behalf – but it does help the consumer to make their complaint in a structured way, and to make informed choices about what actions to take.
  • This can help businesses to deal with complaints more efficiently when they receive them, and manages customer expectations about their complaint issue.
  • Resolver also helps the consumer to store all the complaint information in one place, and acts as an email service. This means the consumer’s complaint will be sent from a Resolver email address, rather than the customer’s usual email address. We expect operators to accept complaints customers send via a Resolver email address just as they would from other email services.
  • The Gambling Commission has worked with the team at Resolver to help develop the information that Resolver uses about gambling, though Resolver remains entirely independent of us.

You can find out more about Resolver from the Resolver website. Gambling operators might find the Resolver frequently asked questions section particularly relevant.