Review of Gambling Act 2005 confirmed in today’s Queen’s Speech background briefing notes

Today’s Queen’s Speech December 2019 – background briefing notes (that can be downloaded below) contain the following reference to a forthcoming review of the Gambling Act 2005:

Online Harms

“My ministers will develop legislation to improve internet safety for all.”

The Government will carry out a review of the Gambling Act, with a particular focus on tackling issues around online loot boxes and credit card misuse.

This serves to confirm that the newly elected Conservative Government intends to act speedily to fulfil its General Election manifesto promise to review the Gambling Act, which it described as “increasingly becoming an analogue law in a digital age”. We will report on further developments as and when they arise.


  1. Comments by David Clifton on the above subject feature in an EGR article published ton 20 September 2019 entitled “UK government confirms Gambling Act review will target credit cards and loot boxes”.
  2. You can read here about a Royal Society for Public Health report, also published on 20 December 2019, that provides clear evidence of where we can expect the forthcoming Gambling Act review to focus its attention insofar as the issue of loot boxes is concerned.