Safer gambling – Review of the current player protection landscape

Yesterday David Clifton and Suzanne Davies jointly presented the opening session at the excellent KnowNow Player Protection Forum event in London. David also chaired the event throughout the day.

David and Suzanne’s presentation – by way of a review of the current player protection landscape – can be downloaded below.

Some highly complimentary LinkedIn reviews of the event were quickly posted, including the following much appreciated comments:

Anyone requiring further information on the subject of player protection in the context of safer gambling or on the licensing and regulatory services that we provide to all sectors of the gambling industry should not hesitate to contact us:

FOOTNOTE: It is interesting to note that one day before the Player Protection Forum took place, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) called on the incoming European Parliament and Commission to act in the online gambling sector to ensure Europe’s online gamblers are better protected. Its statement to this effect can be downloaded below.