Technological solutions to managing isolated player risk

Earlier today (24 November 2020) David Clifton moderated the Managing isolated player risk: Does the solution lie in technology?panel session during the EGR Virtual Summit 2020, in which David’s panellists were:

  • Paul Carpenter, Head of Safer Gambling at GamCare,
  • Adam Doyle, Head of Gaming at TruNarrative,
  • Richard Bayliss, Senior Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Manager at Playtech and
  • Simon Lidzen, CEO at Fast Track

David introduced the session with the following brief historical background to the topic:

  • November 2016: At the Gambling Commission’s first ever “Raising Standards” conference, Sarah Harrison – then its CEO – urged the industry to accelerate the pace of change through increased use of technology
  • May 2018: The current CEO, Neil McArthur continued the same theme at the Safer Gambling Collaboration Day: “Use the resources and technology available to you to make improvements and prove that you are a socially responsible operator”
  • April 2019: The Commission introduced a shift in focus from responsible gambling to safer gambling, re-emphasising the onus on operators to protect their customers
  • 2019: also saw the Commission establishing its Digital Advisory Panel to advise it on the digital landscape and emerging trends which may impact on how the gambling market operates, how [the GC] interacts with operators and how they interact with consumers”.
  • October 2019: Recommendations from that panel-led directly to Neil McArthur’s call for the use of ad-tech and for the exploration of technology to facilitate a single customer view in terms of affordability
  • May 2020: The Commission published additional customer interaction guidance, recognising increased gambling-related harm concerns arising from people being stuck at home during the first national lockdown
  • 18 November 2020: Neil McArthur in his CEO Breakfast Briefing speech said  “I am acutely aware of the potential impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on customers and the public. I hear respected experts talking about ‘a perfect storm’ of isolation, uncertainty and vulnerability that is likely to lead to increased levels of addiction”.

Steered by David, the panel discussion covered the following points:

  1. The extent to which Neil McArthur’s above-mentioned ‘perfect storm’ comment represented a fair assessment of where things stand at the current time
  2. How things have moved on since Sarah Harrison and Neil McArthur made their above-mentioned comments in 2016 and 2018
  3. The extent to which the industry has woken up to the Commission’s call to make increased use of the technology available to them
  4. The most notable safer gambling technological innovations and what else can be expected in the near future
  5. How technology can help operators to run a commercially successful business as well as realise their safer gambling ambitions
  6. How a gambling operator’s time-consuming processes can be streamlined by the integration of digital technology into every area of their business
  7. The importance of achieving a balance between people and technology in delivering an effective approach to minimising gambling harms
  8. The need for clearer benchmarks against which the industry might evaluate its performance in achieving whatever safer gambling ambition it is that the Gambling Commission will judge to be a success

If you have any queries on any aspect of the above, please do contact David by email