Third operating licence suspension (pending review) in 13 working days

The UK Gambling Commission has today announced the suspension of the third remote operating licence in the space of just thirteen working days.

This time around, it has commenced a review of the combined remote casino, real event and virtual betting operating licence held by Stakers Limited and, arising from that review, has suspended its licence because of “a number of compliance issues”.

All three companies whose licences have been suspended pending the outcome of a review are based offshore:

  1. Triplebet Limited t/s Matchbook in Guernsey,
  2. Addison Global Limited t/a Moplay in Gibraltar (now in liquidation) and
  3. Stakers Limited t/a Stakers in Malta.

The Commission’s announcement reads as follows:

We have commenced a review under section 116 of the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act) and, under section 118 of the Act, have decided to suspend Operating Licence No 000-050185-R-328112-006 Combined Remote Operating Licence – Real Event and Virtual Betting Casino held by Stakers Limited whilst that review takes place. This is due to a number of compliance issues.

We suspect that Stakers Limited has breached a condition of the licence (section 116(2)(a) of the Act)) and is unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities (section 116(2)(c)(i)) of the Act). We therefore consider it appropriate to suspend the licence with immediate effect pending the conclusion of the review.

The licence suspension, effective from 4 March, makes it illegal for Stakers Limited to offer gambling services via its website in Great Britain. For further information, customers are able to view the company’s terms and conditions through We have instructed the operator to facilitate customers accessing their accounts to withdraw funds and advise customers not to place any bets through the Stakers website.

If a customer has questions concerning their account we advise they contact the operator on [email protected].


It must be open to question whether Stakers have helped their cause by subsequently placing the following message on their website, bearing in mind that the “sign petition” link is to a change-org petition maintaining that the Gambling Commission is “not fit for purpose”: