Thoughts on the APBGG Report on the Competence & Effectiveness of the UKGC

David Clifton’s current monthly ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News is entitled ‘Thoughts on the APBGG Report on the Competence and Effectiveness of the Gambling Commission’, a subject on which many other commentators have steered clear following the Betting & Gaming Council and even certain members of the Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group distancing themselves from the report.

The key premise behind David’s article is that, although (a) the APBGG’s report is flawed in many respects and (b) some of its more extreme criticisms of the Gambling Commission clearly lack merit, it would be wrong for the Commission to dismiss out of hand every single criticism that it makes.

As David points out in his article, in 2009 a Hampton Implementation Review Report (supported by the Better Regulation Executive and National Audit Office) focused on the nature of the Gambling Commission’s relationship with its stakeholders, particularly from the gambling industry. It described this relationship as being “critical to the long-term success of the Commission in pursuing its statutory objectives”. It concluded that there was “scope for developing more effective engagement …. in a way that makes sense to the different elements in the gambling sector”.

David suggests in his article (that you can download below) that many stakeholders who will not have contributed their opinions to the APBGG nevertheless take the view that some of those same concerns raised in 2009 could equally apply today and that “on that basis alone, there may be justification now for ‘more effective engagement’ between the regulator and those it regulates with a view to ensuring that substantially increased levels of trust and respect are achieved and maintained between both sides”.

You can read more on this particular subject-matter in our 25 January 2022 posting entitled ‘APBGG Report provokes anticipated controversy’.

As usual, David’s article also picks up on other recent gambling regulatory developments over the last month or so.