Tight deadline to comply with new High Value Customer requirements

David Clifton’s current Licensing Expert article for SBC News is entitled “Tight deadline to comply with new High Value Customer requirements”.

By setting out the background circumstances since the Gambling Commission flagged up concerns in 2014 about the insulation of high-value “VIP customers” from the social responsibility obligations and practices applying elsewhere in gambling operators’ businesses, David’s article places into context the announcement by the Commission on 30 September 2020 that:

  • the new LCCP Social Responsibility Code provision – stating that: “If a licensee makes available incentives or reward schemes for customers, designated by the licensee as ‘high value’, ‘VIP’ or equivalent, they must be offered in a manner which is consistent with the licensing objectives. Licensees must take into account the Commission’s guidance on high value customer incentives” and
  • the Commission’s accompanying High-Value Customers Industry Guidance

will come into effect on 31 October 2020, as we have previously reported in more detail here.

Bearing in mind that tight deadline, David’s article also summarises immediate measures that all affected operators should already be working on.