UK election hopefuls put gambling in the crosshairs

Comments by David Clifton feature in an iGaming Times front page headline article entitled “UK election hopefuls put gambling in the crosshairs”. You can download below both the headline article and the online version of the article.

We have previously set out here the manifesto proposals of the four main UK political parties published in advance of the 12 December 2019 General Election.

David’s views, that are set out in full in an additional iGaming Times “Analysts’ View” article (that can also be downloaded below), are as follows:

With both Conservatives and Labour promising a review of the current legislation, change is definitely on the cards. The focus will be on online gambling –  whether to bring loot boxes within the definition of gambling, ban credit card payments and harmonise online and offline limits. Self-regulation of gambling advertising and voluntary problem gambling RET donations are clearly under threat. I just hope the industry approaches this opportunity for change constructively on the front foot in a united manner rather than defensively arguing for maintenance of the status quo – an argument it will not win in the current political climate.

In the “Analysts’ View” article, you can also read comments on the manifesto proposals made by:

  • Warwick Bartlett, CEO, Global Betting & Gaming Consultants,
  • Tom Worstall, Fellow, Adam Smith Institute and
  • Simon Bernholt, Partner, Wiggin