UKGC grants temporary 28 day extension of time for submission of regulatory returns

Due to the adoption by UK licensed gambling operators of changed working arrangements during the current coronavirus pandemic, the Gambling Commission has temporarily extended by 28 days the period of time within which operators must submit their regulatory returns.

The Commission will apply these extended submission times to all regulatory returns that are due before 30 June 2020. At some stage prior to that date, the Commission will review whether extended submission times should continue to apply thereafter.

The Commission’s announcement of the temporary extension (published on its website today 21 April 2020) reads as follows:

Regulatory returns – temporary extension to submission dates

Regulatory returns are a basic condition of holding a gambling licence and we still expect them to be submitted accurately and in a timely manner. More than ever, the data we collect on the size, shape and trends of the gambling market is critical to our work in making gambling fair and safe.

We recognise that most gambling operators in the UK and overseas will have changed their normal working arrangements.

On feedback from operators and trade bodies, we have to allow operators an additional four weeks (28 days) to submit their regulatory returns, should they require it.

  • For annual returns, we have extended the window to submit returns from 42 days to 70 days. If your year end is in line with the UK financial year (1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020) you need to submit by 9 June 2020.
  • For quarterly returns, we have extended the window to submit returns from 28 days to 56 days. If your quarter end is in line with UK financial quarters (1 January 2020 to 31 March 2020) you need to submit by 26 May 2020.

The extended submission times will be applied to all returns due before 30 June 2020. Prior to that point we will review the situation.

Note that our regulatory returns reminder service is automated. Reminder emails will state the original submission due dates.

UPDATE: On 24 June 2020, the Gambling Commission granted a further temporary extension to regulatory return submission dates, as reported by us here.