UKGC’s new list of consumer FAQs will be of interest to its licence holders too

The Gambling Commission has published on its website a list of frequently asked questions that it receives from gambling consumers.

There is information within those FAQs from which UK licensed gambling operators can learn too. The Commission’s answers to each of the following questions are set out in its website posting (that you can also download below):

  1. Affordability
    • Why is a consumer’s payment method not considered when carrying out due diligence/ID verification checks?
    • Someone I know has been gambling but the operator hasn’t completed any affordability checks. What are the rules around this?
    • Am I correct in thinking I cannot use a credit card for my gambling account?
  2. Advertising
    • I’m seeing many more gambling adverts online. What can I do to block them?
    • I’m also seeing more gambling adverts on TV. What are you doing about it?
  3. Complaints & Financial Redress
    • Why can’t the Gambling Commission help with my complaint or help me get my money back?  What does the Gambling Commission do with the information I provide when I complain about a gambling business?
    • What happens with the money recovered after enforcement action, and what is the rationale behind these decisions?
  4. Reverse Withdrawals
    • I’m having trouble cashing out from my online account? The company keep asking me for different types of ID?
    • Your guidance states that gambling businesses should carry out all checks at the earliest opportunity, so why do so many carry out AML checks when I try to withdraw my funds?
    • Why is a gambling business asking me to take a selfie? Is this allowed?
  5. Online gambling games
    • What do you do to ensure that online gambling games are fair?
  6. Casinos
    • How does the Commission regulate casino premises? Do you check the roulette tables or carry out any type of compliance visits?
  7. Raffles & Lotteries
    • Why doesn’t the Commission licence lottery syndicates?
    • What is the Commission doing to tackle the amount of illegal raffles and prize competitions?
  8. Self-exclusion
    • I was able to gamble with an operator online despite having self-excluded. What can be done?
    • Why are consumers who change one part of their personal details still able to gamble when self-excluded?
  9. Help & Support
    • Where do I go if I’m worried about someone’s gambling?