Video of David Clifton’s “UK Tax Hike” panel session published by

With the Guardian newspaper reporting today that that the UK government is set to delay until October 2019 implementation of its reduction of the maximum FOBTs stake from £100 to £2, “according to plans being drawn up for next week’s budget”,  prefaces Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Budget speech on Monday of next week 19 October by:

  • describing “a nightmare scenario which would see the government implement a new 20 per cent, or above” rate of remote gaming duty as “a solution ….. for the multi-million pound hole” in HM Treasury’s coffers arising from the reduced FOBT stakes and
  • looking back to David Clifton’s “UK Tax Hike” panel session at the Casino Beats Summit last month, during which David and his panellists (Clive Hawkswood, CEO of the Remote Gambling Association, Steven Effingham, Director of Tax Policy at Ernst & Young and James Myles, Director of Eta Delta Limited) discussed this same issue.

A video of David’s complete panel session can now be viewed on Vimeo here. The article entitled “Looking back at CBS as UK Budget lurks on the horizon” can be downloaded below.