Voluntary ban on Premier League shirt sponsorship looks more likely

As reported by SBC News today (19 July 2022), an article in The Times yesterday entitled ‘Voluntary ban on betting shirt sponsors to be agreed by Premier League clubs’ has said that a Premier League shareholders’ meeting next week will discuss a proposal to agree to a voluntary ban on shirt sponsorship by betting companies, subject to (a) certain conditions (including that the ban would affect only front-of-shirt sponsorship deals (not sleeve deals) and (b) a phased three seasons transition period.

The Times states that the “clubs are expected to take the action to fend off the threat of the government bringing in legislation that would make shirt sponsorship by betting firms illegal. It is understood that ministers are not looking at similar action for clubs in the EFL due to the financial hardship it would cause”.

However, the article adds that any vote on this issue will be delayed until September “when the political picture is clearer”, adding that (as reported by us here) “the government has postponed a white paper on gambling reform until a successor to Boris Johnson takes over as prime minister”. You can read more about the seemingly delayed Gambling Act Review White Paper in David Clifton’s current ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News, entitled ‘Change will come …. eventually‘.