The Waves Are About To Get Rougher ….

David Clifton’s current ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News is entitled ‘The Waves Are About To Get Rougher ….’, with David looking back to the 2001 Gambling Review Body Report, whose authors summed up their recommendations to the Government as follows:

Our proposals generally move in the direction of allowing greater freedom for the individual to gamble in ways, at times and in places than is permitted under current legislation. This move to greater freedom is balanced by rather tighter controls on the freedom of young people to gamble and by some tighter controls over those who provide gambling services.

Comparing that situation with the current UK Government’s Review of the Gambling Act 2005, David concludes that:

Only a supreme and uninformed optimist might forecast greater freedoms and less tight controls to arise from the current Government Review process. My previous ‘Licensing Expert’ article for SBC News was entitled The Calm Before the Storm. I sense the waves are about to get a bit rougher

You can download David’s current article below.