YGAM calls on the gambling industry to “do much more to protect consumers”

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) is a national charity with a social purpose to inform, educate, safeguard and build digital resilience amongst young and vulnerable people, “helping them to make informed decisions and understand the consequences around gambling and gaming”.

YGAM has published the evidence that it has submitted to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport in response to the UK Government’s Call for Evidence in relation to its Review of the Gambling Act 2005 (on which we have previously reported here).

On its website, YGAM describes its key messages for that Review as follows:

  • Education is essential to prevent gambling harm and safeguard future generations.
  • Increased long-term funding should be directed towards research, education and treatment
  • Gambling harm should receive the same level of focus as public health issues such as alcohol and drugs.
  • The Government should support the progress that has been made in the third sector and promote initiatives that demonstrate meaningful impact.
  • The gambling industry must do much more to protect consumers and regulation must be improved to keep up-to-date with the fast-paced innovation of the digital world.
  • Education alone will not prevent gambling harms; therefore we strongly support the introduction of any further protections for young people.

You can download below its full submission.